A summer wedding in Toronto can be a magical experience, but the unpredictable weather often necessitates a backup plan. Renting a tent from professional wedding rental companies is an excellent way to ensure your special day goes smoothly, rain or shine. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect tent and the top trends in rental tents for summer 2024.

Choosing the Right Tent

Size MattWhen selecting a tent, consider your guest list and the activities you plan to host. A good rule of thumb is to allow 10-15 square feet per guest for a seated dinner, and additional space for dance floors, bars, or buffet areas. Speak with your wedding rental companies about which type of tent is best for your venue and style. There are so many options to choose from! Where to start? 

Tent Styles 

There are several tent styles to choose from:

Consider the Venue 

Ensure your chosen venue allows tents and has adequate space for setup. Professional rental companies can assess the site and recommend the best options for your specific location.

Weather Considerations 

While summer in Toronto is generally pleasant, it’s wise to prepare for all possibilities. Consider sidewalls for wind and rain protection and ask about climate control options for extremely hot or cool days.

7 Top Trends in Wedding Tent Rentals for Summer 2024

  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options Many couples are opting for tents made from recycled or sustainable materials. Some rental companies now offer solar-powered lighting options or biodegradable decor elements.
  2. Mixed Materials and Textures Combining different tent styles or incorporating unique textures is gaining popularity. For example, pairing a clear-top tent with rustic wooden poles or adding macramé or woven elements to tent walls.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid Spaces Creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas is a growing trend. This might involve using clear sidewalls or strategically placing smaller tents to connect different areas of the venue.
  4. Dramatic Lighting Installations Elaborate lighting designs are becoming a focal point in tent decor. From chandeliers and pendant lights to fairy light canopies and neon signs, lighting is being used to create ambiance and visual interest.
  5. Tech-Integrated Tents With the rise of hybrid weddings, more couples are requesting tents with built-in A/V equipment for live streaming or incorporating virtual elements into their celebration.
  6. Bohemian and Whimsical Designs Flowing fabrics, hanging greenery, and eclectic furnishings are popular for creating a relaxed, boho-chic atmosphere within tented spaces.
  7. Minimalist and Modern Aesthetics Clean lines, neutral color palettes, and sleek, contemporary furnishings are trending for couples seeking a more understated, sophisticated look.

Working with Professional Rental Companies

When planning your tented wedding, working with reputable rental companies in Toronto is crucial. Professional tent rental services offer:

By carefully considering your needs and staying informed about current trends, you can select the perfect tent to create a memorable and beautiful setting for your summer Toronto wedding. Remember to book early, as summer dates fill up quickly, and allow ample time for planning and coordination with your chosen rental company.

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