Quality event management in Toronto starts with effective planning and encompasses a range of related services that ensure a smooth and successful outcome for your tradeshow, festival, media event, corporate event, fundraiser, business lunch or any other type of function that requires multifaceted planning and execution. At Varsity Tents our event planners are efficient, effective, detail-oriented logistical pros who dedicate themselves daily to exceeding client expectations. Few companies in the GTA have a more wide ranging portfolio when it comes to event management and we’re proud of that.

Unsurpassed Event Management in Toronto

While we’re proud of what we’ve done we don’t use past successes as an excuse to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our services so that the next event can be not only the most successful you’ve ever had but the best we’ve ever done. To that end we make sure no detail is overlooked during any stage of the process.

  • Establishing goals: No event can be truly successful without a comprehensive effort to establish the event’s goals: even if it’s determined the goal is to simply “have fun”. In most cases however goals will be more complicated and/or nuanced than simply having fun and it’s important that all parties reach a clear agreement on what those goals are.
  • Assembling the team: Each event is different and will require people with different skillsets and experiences. Once the goals have been established we assemble the right people for the job and get to work. Different event management experts may handle different tasks such as lining up speakers, arranging for entertainment, reaching out to potential sponsors or acting as a liaison between the client and the venue’s management.
  • Event branding: Some (not all) events will benefit from the development of an overriding theme or ‘brand’. This will act to set the event apart. Determining an effective theme will require close collaboration with the client and will result in a unique event identity. (Think “ComicCon” or “SXSW”.) Branding may also include the creation of a tagline such as “Uncork the Journey” for a wine tasting event.
  • The master plan: Once the preparatory groundwork has been laid we create the event master plan which encompasses all aspects of your event. This includes management of the caterers, venue logistics, permits and more. The master plan is the blueprint which we’ll use to bring your event to life.
  • Execution: On the day of the event we’re there in force to ensure everything comes off without a hitch. We liaise with the entertainment, make sure the bar is properly stocked and staffed, watch the gate, oversee lighting and sound checks, handle badging and/or ticketing and everything else, right down to making sure there’s enough napkins and toilet paper.


Those of us at Varsity Event Management continually strive to make event management for Toronto businesses and individuals look effortless. Choose Varsity Event Management in Toronto for your next event and enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from a job well done.