The following details our contractual terms and conditions. Once a client understands and is satisfied with the terms of the contract, a copy will be signed by both Varsity and the client prior to any rental.

  1. Deposit. The deposit is non-refundable.
  2. Permits. Unless other arrangements have been made in writing, the Customer agrees to obtain all necessary permits (municipal or otherwise) at their expense and deliver same to Varsity Tents Inc. before the installation of the equipment.
  3. Site. The Customer agrees to clear the site upon which the equipment is to be installed of all structures and other impediments. Varsity Tents Inc. shall not be responsible for damage to the ground or any paved portion of the site, nor for damage to trees, flowers or shrubs adjacent to the lands resulting from the installation of the equipment. If the terrain is not suitable to hold the type of stakes normally used to secure the tents, an additional charge will be made for special posts or other equipment as required.
  4. Storm Conditions at the Time of Installation. If, in the opinion of Varsity Tents Inc., the weather conditions at the time of tent installation are such that there is a clear risk of damage to the equipment during the installation procedure, the Customer shall elect between postponing the installation until the following day or cancelling this agreement (subject to the payment of a cancellation charge of 1/3 the total price).
  5. Underground Services. Prior to the commencement of installation, the Customer shall clearly identify to Varsity Tents Inc. the location of all underground pipes, wires, or other utility equipment on the grounds. In the event of default in this connection, the Customer shall be responsible for all damage to said utilities caused by tent stakes or other equipment.
  6. Damage to the Equipment. The Customer shall be liable to Varsity Tents Inc. for all damage, including but not limited to the disappearance, soiling or staining of all or any part of the equipment. In the event of damage to the equipment due to any cause whatsoever, the Customer agrees to notify Varsity Tents Inc. of this damage within 12 hours.
  7. Acts of God. Varsity Tents Inc. shall not be responsible to the customer for any delays or non completion of the contract caused by Acts of God, strikes, boycotts , civil insurrections or commotion or any other outside of Varsity Tents Inc.’s control.
  8. Winter Conditions. The Customer shall ensure that there is no accumulation of snow or ice on the roof of the tent structure.
  9. Fire. Although Varsity Tents Inc. uses only flame resistant fabrics in its tent structures, it does not warrant that all equipment is fireproof or flame resistant. The Customer shall take every precaution to prevent fire and, in the event of any neglect in this regard, the Customer shall make good on any damage suffered by Varsity Tents Inc.
  10. Accidents. The Customer shall take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents accruing as a result of persons falling over or coming into contact with the tent or any of its support structures (including guy ropes, wires, stakes and other equipment used to support and secure the tent). In the event of any accident occurring in this regard, the Customer indemnifies Varsity Tents Inc. against all claims, damages, fees and expenses of such accidents.
  11. Vandalism. The customer shall take all necessary precautions to prevent loss of or any damage to the equipment by vandalism, defacement, theft, arson or other unlawful behaviour, and, in the event of default in this connection, the Customer shall be responsible to make good on all such loss or damage.
  12. Equipment Failure. If there is any failure in the equipment, whether in the form of total collapse or other damage, so that the equipment cannot be fully and safely used, and if the said failure is caused by winds exceeding 60 kilometers an hour or by lightning, hail, snow, sleet or freezing rain, Varsity Tents Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the customer arising from such failure. If any claim is made against Varsity Tents Inc. by a third party for loss or damage arising from such failure, the Customer shall indemnify and save harmless Varsity Tents Inc. from any such claim, and the Customer shall remain liable to Varsity Tents Inc. for all rental charges pro rated up to the time of such failure. If the Customer wishes Varsity Tents Inc. to re-install the tent for the balance of the rental term, Varsity Tents Inc. shall do so provided the Customer pays for the cost of such additional installation work and provided Varsity Tents Inc. has substitute equipment available if required.
  13. Stalls, Booths, or Lighting Truss. The Customer agrees that no stalls, display booths or lighting truss shall be constructed under the tent within a distance of 10 inches from the roof of the tent.
  14. Legal Costs. In the event that it is necessary for Varsity Tents Inc. to employ a lawyer to recover the equipment or collect the rental or any damages properly payable by the customer, the Customer shall reimburse Varsity Tents Inc .for all legal costs.
  15. Alterations. No alterations of any kind to this contract shall be binding upon Varsity Tents Inc. unless otherwise authorized in writing by an officer of Varsity Tents Inc.
  16. Insurance. The Customer agrees to obtain and maintain insurance coverage for the full insurable value of the equipment, with Varsity Tents Inc. named as an additional insured and such insurance to cover damages occasioned by fire, theft, flood, explosion, accident, Acts of God, or any other cause, and obtain and maintain comprehensive general public liability insurance coverage relating to the use of the equipment in the amount of at least two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence or accident , with Varsity Tents Inc. named as additional insured. The policies shall not be cancelable except upon at least 30 days written notice to Varsity Tents Inc.
  17. Governing Law. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario. The parties hereto attorn and submit to the laws of the province of Ontario.