What better way to celebrate the new year than by gathering with friends and throwing a party? Of course, if you’re going to have a party for New Year’s, you simply must have it outdoors. However, outdoor parties require a few extra essentials. Varsity Tents is here to help with your outdoor New Year’s party. In fact, we’re invested in it being a huge success.

Bring Food and Drinks

There’s no such thing as a successful outdoor New Year’s party without food and drinks. Make grabbing a plate, a snack, or a drink easy by laying out a refreshments table. Whether you get catering, go potluck style, or bring everything yourself, your guests will thank you. Nothing keeps the night going quite like a full stomach and a nice buzz from a cold drink.

Varsity Tents’ rental folding tables are perfect for easy setup and cleanup. Want to improve the aesthetic? Just throw a nice tablecloth over our folding tables and your dinner and dessert spread will look as classy as it gets.

If you want guest seating where people can eat in comfort, our round folding tables will get the job done perfectly. Just like the rectangular tables, these can be improved with a table cloth while remaining spill proof underneath.

Create a Cozy Reprieve

While much of the night may be spent out of the tent on lawn chairs and blankets, watching the fireworks, nothing beats a cozy reprieve. Setting up your tent rental with flooring panels, comfortable rental furniture, and some string lights is the perfect escape from the cold. Throughout the night, guests can come inside, warm up by a space heater, get something to eat, and sit somewhere cozy with friends. What better way to meet new friends than chatting in a cozy event tent on New Year’s Eve?

Light the Way

Naturally, much of an outdoor New Year’s party will happen after the sun has set. We can’t think of a worse combination than pitch black and drinking. You’re just asking for someone to twist their ankle. So, light the walkway with some outdoor lighting rentals. We have walkway lights that are perfect for scattering throughout the party area to prevent tripping or running right into each other.

Scale It Up

Not every New Year’s party is a few dozen friends catching up and watching the fireworks. If you’re hosting a neighborhood party or live music, you’re going to need to scale it up. An event for hundreds of people calls for more space, more accommodation, and more tent coverage. Our largest tent rentals are perfect for large events like this.

If you’re ready to make your New Year’s party a hit, call us at Varsity Tents and get your rentals booked today.

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