If there’s one thing that brings us all together in winter, it’s the propensity to splurge on gifts – for others and ourselves. Whether you celebrate a holiday this winter or appreciate the season simply for the scenery and comforts, you’re probably no stranger to shelling out for a nice candle or home baked cookies. A community-wide winter market is the perfect place to inspire the happy loss of a few dollars. However, to host an outdoor winter market in comfort, the first things you need are event tents

Protection from the Winter Weather

Winter is well known for its unforgiving weather. Whether that’s chilly winds, heavy snowfall, or both, you don’t want to brave it unprotected. If you’re hosting an outdoor winter market, it’s your job to make sure guests are protected. Otherwise, no one will want to stick around longer than a few minutes.

By relying on Varsity Tents’ tent rentals, you can ensure guests are adequately protected from the cold, winter weather. A tent ensures guests, as well as market merchandise, are protected from the snow and wind.

Additionally, our large tent rentals can be heated with our portable tent heaters. Cover from the snow is good, but being kept warm is better. Everyone loves the beautiful ambience of snow, but most of us are happy to pass on the bone-deep chill.

A Place for Decorations

Opting for event tents for your outdoor winter market is great for keeping guests warm and comfortable. However, tents come with another benefit: they’re great for decorating. Large tents offer countless places to attach decorations. The frame of the tent can house winding string lights or garlands. Snowflake decorations can be hung from the entrance, making it a magical experience to step into one of many market stalls.

Unique Tent Themes

Renting many tents of varying sizes can make your outdoor winter market an unforgettable experience. Visiting your market isn’t just a line of tables with a few vendors. With many tents, you can house a collection of similar vendors in one tent stall. Decorate each tent stall to match what they offer and create a unique experience in each tent. Your bakery tent has the smell of cinnamon and chocolate wafting out of it. Decorate it with gingerbread houses and candy canes. One tent offers toy vendors, with a model train rounding the entire interior perimeter. 

Market Event Areas

Furthermore, separate tents means ample room for market events to have their own space. Auctions, raffles, guest speakers, and live music are great for drawing in guests. Give people a place to rest and sip their hot chocolate while listening to some cozy renditions of our favorite holiday songs. 

All Outdoor Winter Market Rentals

No matter what you need for your outdoor winter market, you can get it from Varsity Tents. We offer event rentals for all equipment necessities. Check out our rental selection and give us a call if you find yourself with questions.

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