Decor Tips for an Outdoor Party

If you’re going to be hosting an outdoor party, you may be wondering how to decorate. After all, there may not be as many surfaces as there would be indoors. Plus, there aren’t likely any standard walls to hang decor from either. How can you bring a touch of color and personality to your event then? Here are some decor tips to make your outdoor party a success.


When hosting outdoors, finding places to put decorations can be tricky if you’re inexperienced. When renting a tent for your outdoor party, you should use it to your advantage. Hanging strands of lights from the tent frame is sure to light up your party. You can also hang lanterns, flowers, or other lightweight decorations from the tent frame.

Using tables to spread your theme is also useful. Centerpieces are a great opportunity for creative pieces. Serving tables can also have things attached to their fronts, since no one is sitting there.

There are various other ways you can place decor as well. Attaching flowers or other decorations to low tree branches will make your party one with nature. Weighing down balloons with rocks means placement can be anywhere.

Seasonal Decor

To start, there is the classic option of choosing seasonal decor. From something that matches the actual season to using holidays as inspiration, the possibilities are endless. Consider sprinkling dried leaves around your table centerpieces in the fall. Buy snowflake decor or even make paper snowflakes yourself to pin up in the winter. Arrange beautiful bouquet centerpieces for your tables in the spring. You can even use summer as an opportunity for a pool party or backyard barbecue.


While seasons offer their own inspiration for decor, you can also use a completely different theme. While you can use just about any theme you can think of, here are some that we think are worth noting.

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