Whether you are an experienced event manager or you have just been tasked with organizing a single event for your company, there are a number of serious errors that you will want to avoid at all costs. Some of them are more obvious than others but all 4 in our list are common mistakes that can have major repercussions.

Event Management in Toronto: What Not To Do

Whether you are close to our base in the city or a little further afield, you will want to make sure that you do not make any of the errors in the list below when organizing your next important event.

  1. Failing to Consider the Weather – If there is a chance that it might rain during your event and it is being held outdoors, you should make sure that adequate cover is provided for all of your guests. Rental tents, which can be supplied with tables, chairs, heating and lighting, are perfect for outdoor events where food is being served and will ensure that your meal is not spoiled by a sudden shower. Even if it does not rain, some form of shelter will be welcomed by guests who do not want to stand in the sun all day.
  2. Not Allowing for Spontaneity – While there is nothing wrong with planning every last detail of your event so that it goes smoothly, don’t forget that your guests will want to enjoy themselves so allow a little room for spontaneity too. What we mean by this is don’t try to control their every move: allow for the fact that some guests may wish to enjoy a quiet drink outside in the sun whereas others may prefer to stay inside the tented area. Others still may wish to move freely from one area to another and you should make adequate provisions for all of them. Trying to exercise too much control over guests’ movements is a common error among many who are responsible for event management in Toronto and in other parts of the world too.
  3. Failing to Track Changes – Whether you are faced with fluctuating attendance figures or constant requests for amendments to your arrangements by senior management, you need to keep a record of all changes. Failure to do so will result in a chaotic environment in which effective planning is an impossible goal. Make sure that your event management in Toronto never descends into chaos by tracking all changes carefully.
  4. Not Following Standard Operating Procedures – If you have spent time creating SOPs for sourcing rental equipment, arranging catering and all other aspects of event management, make sure that you follow them. Deviating from tried and tested systems almost always leads to problems that could easily have been avoided.

We have helped many companies and individuals to organize highly successful events in the city and surrounding area so if you need any help with event management in Toronto, please contact us whenever convenient. We can supply large tents, tables, chairs, decorations and many other essential items for outdoor events of all kinds.