Varsity is here to bring the cheer!

As Canadians, we are not shy when dealing with the elements and Varsity Tents takes pride in providing outdoor heated solutions for all Canucks. The holiday season is quickly approaching and we’ve got you covered. Here at Varsity Tents we work year round to help the Toronto community organize and execute their party dreams – no matter what weather we’re facing.

Winter can be a large hurdle when planning an outdoor event but Varsity is always up to the challenge! We offer professional event planning and management with all the trimmings. So, if you have big dreams to throw the most fantastic holiday event ever, let us help you with the details. Some of our clients need extra space for their party and look to add tent space and some just want to host their events outside. Varsity is here to make it happen!

If you would like a free estimate, please call us at (416) 410-7370 or visit our website for more details and our November deals.


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