Hey everyone,

Welcome to the roll-out of our new more accessible varsitytents.com!

While maintaining our high quality of support, Varsity has seen some new and exciting changes – and I thought I’d start this blog as a way to not only thank all of our loyal clients, but also keep you up to date as to the new ventures we are embarking on.

This past season we’ve also had a lot of fun providing excellent service and support to our regular Canada Day, Caribana, Weekend to End Breast Cancer, and Beer Festivals, as well as great private back yard parties, corporate events and weddings.

We’re very busy and will certainly be getting busier in the future with our continuous expansion into event solutions.

It has also been a pretty momentous year for myself, and I’m currently celebrating my first year of marriage with my beautiful new wife Monique.

I’m sure Johnny would be proud of the direction Varsity is going, but we’re also very interested to hear from you on what you think of the website and our services in general.

The new website includes testimonials from regular clients, Dawne Eisenberg, owner of POP! Toy and Party Services and Simon Stafford, senior technical co-ordinator with the NCC.

A big shout out also goes to Carol at Marigolds & Onions. We threw quite a few successful events from small backyard parties to large scale events like the Weekend to End Breast Cancer across Canada.

Bye for now,

Graham Bauckham
General Manager