Varsity Tents Has Everything You Need for an Outdoor Potluck

Everyone loves a good potluck! You can’t beat getting together with family, friends, coworkers, or group members to share homemade food. However, there is a right way to do it. Varsity Tents has everything you need to organize a fantastic potluck. What are the elements to the perfect get-together?


First and foremost, you’re going to need tables, and lots of them! Let’s start with those long, rectangular ones to hold the extensive collection of food being served. After all, if everyone’s bringing something with them to share, you’ll need ample room to hold it all. What are you going to do if there’s not enough table space for all of the food?

Luckily, Varsity Tents has plenty of long tables so you won’t have to figure out the answer to that question.

The tables you serve food at are important, but what about after it’s served? We’ve got just the thing! Our collection of tables isn’t limited to only rectangular ones. We’ve also got round tables for eating and socializing. A round table is the perfect feature. Guests can sit comfortably to eat and everyone will be able to see each other. Conversation will carry easily with everyone the same distance apart. No need to worry about getting left out while sitting at the end.


With tables come seating! Varsity Tents has plenty of folding chairs so that no one will be left standing! You can even rent our couches and armchairs to ensure maximum comfort away from the tables.

Protection from the Elements

The best time for potlucks is in the spring and summer, but that hot, summer sun is only pleasant when you aren’t burning and your food isn’t melting. Renting a tent will give guests at your event a nice, comfortable block of shade out of the heat. Not only is a tent the perfect solution for unforgiving sunlight, they also prove invaluable against rain.

No matter the temperature, you can regulate things with an air conditioner or heater. Tents can be kept a comfortable environment with the help of Varsity Tent’s accessories.


Don’t forget to rent some lighting. After all, when you’re having a great time catching up with family or colleagues, it’s easy to forget the time. Don’t let nightfall ruin your vibe. Because our lighting options are flexible, you can keep any party alive as late as you’d like.