Hosting a company picnic is something many big companies will do at some point. They come with many benefits, such as boosting company morale, networking, and offering a place to make announcements that’s more enjoyable than a meeting room. If your company is hosting a picnic this summer, especially if it’s for the first time, you could use some tips. Varsity Tents has experience providing for and managing many kinds of events. Let us tell you a bit about what will make them a success.

Provide Shade and Comfort

The most important part of having any large outdoor event, like when hosting a company picnic, is shade. Cover is important at all times of the year, since rain and wind can also put a damper on things. However, nothing is as important to protect from as the summer sun. Without shade, everyone attending is at risk of sunburn, heat exhaustion, or even heatstroke. In fact, without cover, it is likely that many of your guests will suffer at least one of these.

Fortunately, acquiring cover for your company picnic is as easy as giving us a call at Varsity Tents. We specialize in event tents for events just like yours. That means we offer tents in all sizes – those small enough for family gatherings and those big enough for an entire company to meet under.

Even better: our large tents can even be outfitted with specialized AC units to ensure your tent doesn’t turn into an oven instead. Hosting a company picnic means bringing everyone together for a good time. Therefore, make your #1 priority offering shade and comfort so that your event is a success.

Offer Cold Drinks

The summer sun is ruthless. Even with cover to retreat under, the heat is best fought with some help from a drink table. Providing cold drinks for guests will harness the power of thermodynamics – and delicious beverages – to keep people in a good mood.

Some great drink ideas are:

Use the Gathering to Your Advantage

Don’t forget to use the company picnic to your advantage. With everyone together, having a great time, this is a good time to make impactful announcements. Good news given in a meeting room is likely to received by a lukewarm audience. However, good news given at a social gathering can make twice as high an impact on company morale. 

Good news can mean positive changes, new positions or expansions, and any runnings for promotion or raises. If you have something you want people to participate in, this is a good time to tell them, especially if the event is family-friendly. Many who might normally underestimate the value of participation may be encouraged by family to take it seriously. That leads to more participants, options, and results.

Offer Live Music or a DJ

Crafting a successful company picnic means keeping people entertained. People are much better at entertaining themselves when there’s something to get them started. Offer live music or a DJ to manage a sound system and appropriate playlist. This will give people something to talk about and offer a constantly evolving stream of music to keep the mood light and sociable.