Tips For Hosting Outdoors in Cold WeatherHosting a party or other event in cold weather isn’t always desirable, but it doesn’t stop us from doing it anyway. Maybe it’s a wedding, baby shower, or birthday. Maybe you just plain like the cold weather and want to celebrate it. In any case, there will always be cold-weather events and, therefore, we will always need to know how to keep warm during.

The need for warmth during cold-weather events is especially prevalent when you’re hosting outdoors. How does one host outdoors in cold weather? A tent, of course!

Using a tent and hosting outdoors when you could just get an indoor venue seems counter-intuitive, right? Well there are plenty of reasons one might host outdoors. Sometimes an indoor venue isn’t big enough to host the size of party you’re looking to have. Maybe the focal point of your event is outdoors and it feels more natural to have the entire party right there. Either way, hosting outdoors comes with some hurdles. Let’s look at how to jump a few of them.

Keep Your Tents Warm

Tents for event hosting don’t seem like they’d keep warm very well and, normally, they wouldn’t. Fortunately, Varsity Tents offers a variety of accessories to use during an event. This includes heaters! Having large heaters placed at various points throughout a tent will keep it nice and warm. Guests will be able to come and go from tents as they please and stand close to a heater if the cold starts to get to them.

Serve Hot Food And Drinks

Nothing will stave away the cold like a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Having hot drinks at a cold, outdoor event is a must. Whether or not you have food depends entirely on your event type, but drinks are a necessity.

It’s a great idea to have someone at a table who can serve the drinks to your guests. If your guests are wearing gloves, getting drinks themselves could be difficult. They’d have to take them off, find a place for them, possibly lose them, and battle cold fingers while they make a cup of Joe. If they can request a drink from someone, not only can they keep their hands warm in their pockets while they wait, it gives you the opportunity to employ someone who makes more than a standard cup.

If you plan to serve food at your event, serving hot food is the way to go. Eating something toasty when you’re cold will warm you right up and really hit the spot. Serving something like stew, soup, or chili would be just the thing. It’s easy to serve from big pots, doesn’t involve much in the way of presentation, and it’s inexpensive.

Offer Hand-Warmers To Guests

You’ve surely seen those small square pouches that are filled with something that magically keeps people’s hands warm. You hold them tight and stuff your hands in your pockets and even without gloves, you’re set. If you’re looking to ensure your guests’ comfort, buy a load of those and keep them somewhere with high traffic so guests can use them during the event. It’s probably that someone will forget their gloves and their fingers will be thanking you!