With the end of the school year approaching, many of our kids will be graduating high school and taking their first steps into adult life. Many others will even be completing the arduous journey of college and beginning their career soon. To kick off this exciting time in their lives, we must first bring the old to a close with a graduation party to remember. Here’s how you can throw an outdoor graduation party that’s COVID-safe, fun, and memorable.

Outdoor Graduation Party Safety

With COVID-19 still lingering, we should aim to throw a party that minimizes risk of spread to avoid another spike of cases. After all, a graduation party is a time for celebrating, and no one wants to go  home and find themselves sick a couple weeks later. That’s why an outdoor graduation party is just what you need.

An outdoor graduation party implements one of the highest safety precautions you can use for a small gathering: the great outdoors. Because COVID-19 is spread through droplets we exhale, indoor spaces where air is shared by everyone are a huge risk. However, simply taking things outdoors means fresh air for everyone and very little chance of spread.

Serving Food and Drinks

When serving food and drinks at an outdoor graduation party, you’ll want to keep everything covered. Unexpected rain, or even a stray bird overhead, could ruin your entire spread. Opt for a small tent rental to cover your self-serve food table. Or, if you’re hosting on a sunny weekend or after the summer heat kicks in, rent a larger tent. Larger tent spaces make cover for guests, meaning lots of shade from the summer heat.

Formal Party and After Party

A formal party for friends and family is the perfect way to start. Beginning your party in the afternoon means it’s a good time for most people to attend. It won’t be too late for young relatives with early bedtimes and people will have time to drive home before it gets dark.

The formal party allows time for congratulations from relatives and a great excuse for a family get-together. However, the formal party is only half the experience. You’ve also got a bunch of graduates who want to celebrate in their own way! That’s why we recommend hosting an after party as well.

Evening After Party

When family has gone home and your graduate’s great aunt isn’t around to judge their music taste, it’s time for the graduates to celebrate. Prepare for the setting sun with outdoor lighting, available from Varsity Tents.

We also offer speakers and sound systems for those who want to dance the night away with friends and classmates.

College Graduates’ Bar

If your outdoor graduation party is for a college graduate, the after party is a great opportunity to raise a glass – or two. Put together an outdoor bar and celebrate having no more finals due by mixing up some drinks and playing some party games.