special events rental If it’s your first time enlisting the services of an events rental company the experience can be a bit daunting. Who, besides industry pros, really knows anything about renting a pole tent and the like if they’ve never done it before? If you said ‘nobody’ you’re right. But, like a lot of things, the secret to working successfully with a rental company is breaking things down into manageable pieces. First and foremost that means knowing what questions to ask. In this post we’re going to look at 5 questions you should have ready to ask the rental company when planning your big event.

Ask These Questions of Your Special Events Rental Company

Don’t go into your big event unprepared. Make sure you ask the following 5 questions of your events rental company. They’ll help you get a hold of things and ensure a successful outcome.

  1. How much time is required for setup and takedown? – Unless your event is occurring on your own property, then there will likely be rules in place stating when vendors can access the grounds and when they have to be out at the end of the event. As such you’ll need to make sure your start and end times allow for the special events rental company to get in and out.
  1. How much of a deposit do you require? – This question should be one of the first you ask because if they’re asking too much you’ll need to move on quickly and find someone else. Different companies have different requirements. You may really want to work with a certain company but their deposit requirements may make it impossible.
  1. Do you own the items you rent? – This is one not many people think to ask. A company that owns all of its own equipment will have total control over the maintenance of that equipment and you’re likely to get a higher quality product. Also, companies that don’t own the equipment typically need to mark things up higher to cover the 3rd party costs.
  1. Do you charge a distance premium? – Some companies charge extra if they have to drive more than X distance from their headquarters. Others don’t or may be located closer to your planned event so distance won’t be a factor. Ask them if they apply a distance premium so you’re not surprised when you get your bill.
  1. Do they offer an off-season discount? – If the date of your event isn’t set in stone and the special events rental company offers an off season discount it may be in your interest to delay things to take advantage. If your event is already scheduled for what is considered an off-season date you’ll also want to know about any discounts.

Take control of your event planning with the above questions. The answers you get will help set your event on a path toward a successful outcome and help reduce your stress level by several degrees of magnitude. Call Varsity tents on (416) 410-7370 to find out more about special events rental equipment in the GTA.