Reopening Ontario after COVID-19: Plan and Prepare Your Business

With COVID-19 beginning to take a back seat due to social distancing and intense, cautionary measures, we’re approaching a time where businesses will begin opening again. Reopening Ontario can mean big things for the province. Whether this leads to further disaster or the rekindling of society depends entirely on how responsible business owners and patrons are. Here are some things to keep in mind during reopening.

Continue Distancing

Social distancing is what helps break the infection chain. Even one person wearing a mask or staying home can save thousands of lives in the long run.

It can be tempting to wave a hand at this now. After all, it may seem like the pandemic is over. However, this kind of attitude can lead to another chain of outbreaks and bring us right back to where we were. Instead, we need to continue social distancing – even if it’s to a lesser degree. This is the safest way to ensure the reopening of businesses doesn’t lead to another outbreak.

As a business owner, your job is to make sure patrons are forced to comply. Put up a sign mandating that any patrons who enter your business must wear masks. If your business, along with others, continue mandating the usage of masks, it will encourage people not to leave the house without one. After all, if you can’t go anywhere without one, you’re forced to comply with these safety standards.

Distance at Work

The public isn’t the only group at risk of spreading and catching the coronavirus right now. Workers are especially at risk, now more than ever. As people begin to relax and stop taking the safety precautions they did at the peak of the pandemic, risk skyrockets. Employees are forced to be around people who aren’t taking health and safety as seriously as they were two months ago. 

To counteract this influence, mandate the use of masks by everyone who enters your business. You can also mandate the use of gloves by employees. However, it’s important to teach employees the proper use of gloves. Many people put on gloves and then continue touching their masks and cross-contaminating between objects. Give employees a short course on how to effectively use gloves and masks.

Isolation Areas

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of social distancing, having isolation areas is your best bet. In businesses that are more focused on manufacturing or communications, rather than selling, isolation areas are a great idea.

By setting up multiple, small tents within your business and separating employees, you cut down on the likelihood of anything spreading. Allow employees to work in small groups within isolation areas rather than in a large group where the virus would spread like wildfire.

Varsity Tents offers multiple tent sizes for rent and for sale. Check out our tent options and give us a call when you’re ready to order. Reopening Ontario is necessary. Remember: a barrier can be a break in the chain of infection. Keep employees safe until COVID-19 has been completely eradicated.