Providing COVID-19 Vaccinations in Isolated Tent Spaces

Have you considered the benefits of administering COVID-19 vaccines outdoors? There are a number of reasons why this can be safer and more effective, and we at Varsity Tents want to take a moment to inform you of the benefits. Here’s how isolated tent spaces can keep people safe when providing COVID-19 vaccinations.

Hospitals Are a War Zone

To start, we have to first ask the question: why wouldn’t you just administer vaccines in a hospital? The answer is quite simple. The coronavirus is currently largely concentrated in hospitals and other medical spaces. These are some of the most dangerous places to be, when avoiding contraction of COVID-19. 

The reason medical workers are considered front-line and high risk is because they are constantly around patients with COVID-19 and are trying to remain safe while breathing in the same air space as them. Bringing people who are seeking a vaccine into a medical office where COVID patients are being treated raises the risk of them contracting the virus as well.

Vaccinations Aren’t Effective Immediately

While vaccines are a massive help toward eradicating harmful viruses, they aren’t effective right away. The way vaccines work is by introducing synthetic or already dead samples of an organism into the body. This allows your body to take a good look at the sample and determine it doesn’t belong. Then, it makes a game plan for how to get rid of it. Meanwhile, the synthetic or dead samples can’t actually harm you while your body figures out how to get rid of it. This allows your body to make antibodies, which are specialized in killing the exact organism it’s trying to protect you from.

As you can imagine, this process takes some time. This exact process is why people develop symptoms from vaccines. Many people are under the impression that symptoms of an illness are caused by the illness itself. In fact, many symptoms are the result of your body fighting the illness. So, when someone gets symptoms from a vaccine, it’s because they are experiencing the reaction of their body to something foreign.

So, because our bodies take time to develop a game plan against the thing we’re being vaccinated against, anyone who catches COVID-19 in the process of getting their vaccination will implement exactly none of the benefits of the vaccine in their fight against the virus.

Outdoor Air Space Saves Lives

Because COVID-19 is airborne, ensuring people wear masks helps to prevent them from spreading it into the air or breathe it in from others. The more airflow a space has, the less likely someone is to pick up COVID-19 from breathing it in.

Therefore, outdoor air space can save lives by preventing people from breathing in infected particulates from others. This is especially important when considering people can carry COVID-19 for up to two weeks before they start showing symptoms. Infection could spread to anyone in line. It’s the job of medical care providers to ensure the risk is at its lowest when administering life-saving vaccines.

Gearing Up for Outdoor Vaccination

To administer COVID-19 vaccinations in isolated tent spaces will help minimize the chance of infection during administration. Using the information we’ve covered, here’s why:

  1. Those looking for the vaccine are separated from the patients being treated for COVID-19 in the hospital or clinic.
  2. The vaccine administration area is small and easy to disinfect between patients. All you need for vaccine administration is a setup of a plastic chair and table alongside a fridge.
  3. Keeping your administration setup inside a tent will protect it from the weather. Moreover, it allows fresh air to sweep through blowing away any infected particulates lingering in the air.
  4. Having separate administration setups in multiple tents will maximize the amount of patients vaccinated and keep them from sitting too close during an invasive procedure. Isolated tent spaces also provide more privacy than outdoor administration with no cover.

To prepare for outdoor COVID-19 vaccinations in isolated tent spaces, give us a call at Varsity Tents. We have the tents you need, no matter the size. Plus, we also offer plastic, folding chairs, folding tables, outdoor lighting, and generators.