Preparing for Social Distancing During Spring with Outdoor Meetings

Social distancing is difficult for a large company or business, especially when it comes to gatherings. However, for certain companies that are working from an office, company-wide meetings will require many people to come together. However, doing so from a closed-in room is dangerous and makes it easy for COVID-19 to spread. Is there a way to bring back some more traditional meeting styles without endangering staff? The answer is yes! Outdoor meetings are exactly what you’re looking for.

More Room for Gathering Safely

As we all know, it’s best to keep at least 6 feet between us at all times. This keeps any potential contaminated particulates from traveling between people with ease. When gathering outside, there’s more space to utilize, giving your staff plenty of room to spread out.

Placing seating with plenty of extra space between each seat makes finding a safe place to sit during a presentation easier than ever. Employees won’t have to scramble to find somewhere far enough away from their peers when the most efficient arrangement is mapped out for them.

Fresh Air Minimizes Spread Potential

An indoor setting is one of the worst things for social distancing. Any contaminated air can remain stagnant, potentially infecting someone many hours after an infected person has left. This is why opening windows to indoor offices is a great idea. It helps clear out and replace the air in the building with some that’s fresh.

Likewise, being outdoors is great for minimizing spread potential. Contaminants are easily blown away with a breeze. Therefore, it’s unlikely that anyone will breathe in or contract COVID-19 during outdoor meetings.

Tents Provide Shelter

Outdoor meetings are great for social distancing during spring, but there is one caveat. Sometimes the outdoors gets in the way. That’s where tent rentals come in. By ordering tent rentals in Toronto, you can beat the drawbacks of outdoor meetings with ease.

Rain or Shine

Tent cover makes it easy to meet no matter the weather. Even if it’s raining, gathering under tent cover and keeping some of the tent flaps pulled back will help circulate air while keeping people dry. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the sun getting in people’s eyes when the weather is nice. Furthermore, when the sun is shining, you can keep most of the tent flaps pulled open, letting in lots of warmth and fresh air.

Presentation Friendly

One of the most business friendly parts of using a tent rental for your outdoor meetings is how presentation friendly they are. Even if most of the meeting attendees are seated without cover, keeping sound equipment, a projector, a screen, or any other presentation materials under the cover of a tent makes watching a Powerpoint or video easy. Glare from the sun will be blocked out and unexpected rain can’t get in.

Schedule a Rental Today

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