Plan Ahead for Halloween Events by Scheduling Tent Rentals

Halloween is many people’s favorite time of year. Everyone gets to break out their spookiest decorations. Plus, for many, the process of building the perfect costume is months long. However, the best part of halloween for many is the exchanging of candy. While many go house to house, there are a lot of people who enjoy setting up a kind of festival for their kids. For those Halloween events, having tent coverage can be vital. After all, the weather is getting colder by the time Halloween rolls around. Here are some reasons you should consider tent rentals this autumn.


A popular alternative to trick-or-treating is trunk-or-treating. This cuts out the difficult task of parading small children all the way around the neighborhood where many homes will not be giving out candy anyway.

Neighborhood families or members of an organization, like a school or church, will come together, instead, and exchange treats from a parking lot. These parties or festivals are usually based out of people’s trunks. Many people will decorate their trunk like a market stall with spooky decorations and a big bowl of candy to take from.

However, you don’t have to limite trunk-or-treating parties to just trunks. If you don’t have a car with a trunk or you just want to set up something a little bigger, you can get a small sized tent instead. A small tent will give you plenty of room to set up decorations, games, and candy.

Game Tents

Trunk-or-treating isn’t the only kind of halloween party that can benefit from tent coverage. Adults love to party as well. For those of you planning a Halloween party to end all Halloween parties, you can’t go wrong with taking part of it outdoors. That is, consider using a medium sized tent for games.
For house parties, setting up a game tent out back will allow people a place to get fresh air as well as lower the cramped quarters indoors. Plus, outdoor Halloween parties leave a lot of room for fantastic decor. Fake webs, cauldrons with booze or punch, and fake graves are all a lot easier done outside.
For parties that are entirely outdoors, a game tent will give a reprieve from the cold, night air. Set up beanbag tosses, apple bobbing, board games, and more. This is also a much safer place for the food to go, so bugs are less likely to help themselves.

Haunted Houses

One of the most classic of Halloween events is the haunted house. If you and your friends want to set up an extensive haunted house, getting one of our largest tents might suit your needs. While customizing the tent is only limited to impermanent changes, having the structure you need to make a haunted house set is endlessly useful. Plus, you can even buy one of these tents.

When customers buy our tents, we continue to store them here, allowing you the ability to customize your tent as much as you like and reuse it year after year.

If you’re interested in renting or buying a tent for your Halloween events, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today and schedule ahead of the rush.