Implementing Barriers During COVID-19 Recovery

While the COVID-19 pandemic is on the decline in Toronto, it’s more important than ever that we use barriers to prevent spread. That’s because COVID-19 recovery may seem to some like the end of the pandemic. This perception is incorrect and can lead to lowering safety standards and a spike in the spread. Varsity Tents finds it important for all of us to play our part in the eradication of this pandemic. Here’s how you can play your part by implementing barriers during COVID-19.

Don’t Drop Your Guard

One of the biggest mistakes one can make at the tail end of a pandemic is letting down their guard. It’s when people stop taking precautionary measures that the virus gains another foothold and begins to spread again.

As a business:

As an individual:

Protect Employees

Some of the most at-risk individuals right now are employees working in grocery stores and other businesses. If you’re in charge of safety precautions in your business, the actions you take could be the difference between your employees living and dying.

For many businesses, having a sanitation station at the employee entrance to the store can be a huge help. By using a tent from Varsity Tents, you can create a barrier between the outside and inside of the store. This is a great place for employees to store personal affects, wash their hands, put on a mask and gloves, pin on their name tag, and so much more.

At the end of the work shift, this is where one can go through the sanitation process again. Here, they can discard their gloves and mask as well as wash their hands. Also important is sanitizing their nametag or any other part of a uniform that can’t be taken home and washed.

Barriers Save Lives

Continuing to implement barriers until the last case of COVID-19 has been recovered from is what’s necessary for our country’s safety. Play your part in breaking the chain of spread by using barriers in your business. When you’re ready to order your rental or buy a tent outright, give us a call at Varsity Tents. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you during the COVID-19 recovery.