How to Host an Outdoor Auction

Auctions are a fantastic way to bring a community or private gathering together. From estate sales to charity auctions, there are many ways these events can come about. No matter your inspiration, it’s worth considering hosting your auction outdoors.

How do you hold an auction outdoors? After all, there will be a number of items for sale and they can’t just sit in the grass all day. In summer, sitting out in the heat isn’t good for certain things either. So what’s the solution? Holding your outdoor auction in a tent!

Why Outdoors?

Having an outdoor auction has many benefits over an indoor one. For one thing, indoor venues big enough to hold an auction are often pricey. Renting a large tent is less expensive and if you run out of room, opening the side walls will allow for overflow.

Accommodating the Auction

With an auction comes some unique needs. You’ll need somewhere for the auctioneer to stand and collect bids. You’ll also need seating and somewhere to store the sale items.

With the accessories offered by Varsity Tents, you’ll have no trouble meeting these needs. Renting the following should do the trick:

Accommodating the Guests

After ensuring your auction staff and sale items are protected and making sure your setup is functional, next are the guests. During an auction, it’s a good idea to provide seating. Whether this is seating for everyone invited or just enough to provide for elderly and disabled guests, is an individual choice. Either way, we recommend providing at least a small amount of seating to ensure everyone is comfortable.