When no one else would accept the job at the  Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre, Varsity did. Varsity Tents covered the Statues at the Tebetan Canadian Cultural Centre.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Toronto Canada

Varsity was contacted by the TCCC to aid in the preparation for the arrival of his holiness the Dalai Lama. The task was daunting. Varsity was employed to place a 30 x 80 tent on the roof of the TCCC in Etobicoke, but it was not just that cut and dry. The tent was to cover a hole in the roof of the building (currently under construction) where the permanent great statues will reside.

Once the Permanent Statues were placed, Varsity had them covered
Varsity Tents President Graham Bauckham takes a moment with the wind horse before placing the roof tent at the TCCC.

Once the Permanent Statues were in place, Varsity had them covered. Along with the roof tent structure and all of the tents on site, Varsity is providing production management and many event rental units including the massive custom stage for his Holiness.