Hey everyone,

Happy 2008!

The year of the Tent in Canada!  May all functions this year incorporate the great outdoors and bring celebrations outside!

We’re looking forward to another great year here at Varsity Tents and to expanding our services to better serve you – our valued customers.

Special thanks to the weather this January for the mild conditions which allowed for more outdoor tent sales.  We had the pleasure of supporting Mark’s Work Wearhouse in Ottawa for their first annual merchandise blowout sale.  This event took place during the mild period in January, propane heaters helped to keep the temperature inside the tent to a balmy 18-20 degrees for 12 hrs a day and for 14 days.  One night the winds exceeded 100kph, and the tent successfully housed all the merchandise and didn’t blow away.  (another great testiment to the excellent installation by the Varsity Crew).

Don’t forget that great outdoor events are easily created,  even in the dead of winter!

Bye for now,

Graham Bauckham
General Manager