Festival Tent Rental The long, beautiful lines of the festival tent have been welcoming festival goers since medieval times. They are a very real type of cultural signifier, almost iconic in their recognizability. At Varsity Tents we provide airy, strong festival tents for a variety of purposes including charity road races, street festivals, corporate celebrations, university graduations, family reunions, holiday festivals and much, much more. But what are the things you need to keep in mind when deciding exactly which festival tent options are appropriate for your event? In this post we’ll touch on some of them.

Important Festival Tent Rental Considerations

Remember to keep the following considerations right up front when determining which type of festival tent rental and which options will be right for your big occasion:

Vendor Tents

If you are a festival vendor and you won’t be in the main tent but still want protection for yourself and your customers you may want to consider a frame tent. Frame tents can typically fit into areas where pole tents cannot and provide a single open area in the middle unencumbered by tent poles. Frame tents are usually easier to anchor on a wider variety of surfaces than pole tents which make them ideal for occupying those areas the main tent had to avoid.

This type of festival tent rental is common for lost and found and ticket/event information as well as being a popular choice for T-shirt vendors, liquid refreshments and other services that don’t require large amounts of real estate but need to be free from natural interference.

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