Bring Your Home Office Outdoors this Summer While Socially Distancing

Even as COVID-19 begins to spread less, it’s important to continue socially distancing. People continuing to distance is what’s ensuring this virus can’t continue to spread. Therefore, for those of us working at home, it’s good to find ways to make working from home more fun. Getting stuck at home all summer can really make a person stir crazy. That’s why we suggest taking your home office outside. How can you do that while remaining a safe distance from nearby neighbors? A little help from Varsity Tents can go a long way.

Don’t Miss the Sun

Summer is such a beautiful time of the year to go outside. Unfortunately, our summer activities are somewhat limited this year due to coronavirus. That’s why we have to make our own activities. While most of us still have to work, we can turn our work from home into a sort of vacation of its own. By taking your home office outside, you can enjoy the summer sun and warmth right from your own backyard.

Protect Your Desk

However, taking your entire office outside can be a tricky feat. A laptop is easy to make portable, but what about a desk? That’s not something you want to bring back inside every night when you’re done working for the day. The same goes for things like printers, work papers, and all of the little things you keep at a desk.

If you have your own backyard where you can leave these things overnight, setting up a tent is the perfect way to protect them from the elements. No need to worry about rain or wind getting in the way of your work. You can enjoy the sun and the sounds of summer right from your desk and get away from the indoor office that’s been ruining your mood.

Plus, if you don’t have papers that will be disrupted by wind, you can pin open the flaps of your tent and bask in sunlight while working.

Break Time

Arguably the best thing about working outdoors is that you can step from your office right onto the grass. While renting some flooring panels for your office space is recommended, The beauty and luxury of the backyard is right outside your tent. Set up some nice deck chairs in the grass and take a break between working hours.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make homemade iced coffee. Turn working from home into your very own staycation – all while practicing social distancing. Who said socially distancing has to be boring and miserable?

Rent Locally

If you want to set up the perfect outdoor office space, your local rental company is the best place to go. Varsity Tents is prepared to rent to anyone in the GTA. Therefore, it’s easy to get the perfect outdoor office and everything you need. Tents, flooring, lighting, and more are all available to rent from us. Give us a call if you want to know more about our rentals and how to make your order today.