An Outdoor New Year's Celebration is Best Achieved with Varsity Tents

Are you planning to celebrate the new year with friends and family? Perhaps you want to ring it in with the people you’ve spent the last year working with? No matter what reason you have for wanting to throw a New Year’s event, there are two things you need to know. 1) To throw the best New Year’s celebration, you need to have it outdoors. 2) To throw an outdoor New Year’s party, you need yourself a nice, big tent from Varsity Tents. Let’s dig into why these are the 2 universal truths of New Year’s parties.

The Importance of Being Outdoors

New Year’s celebrations simply must be held outdoors. After all, all of the most important facets of a New Year’s celebration happen outdoors anyway. If you hold your party inside, your guests will either miss the festivities or leave the venue anyway.

One of the most prominent parts of New Year’s celebrations across the globe is the use of fireworks. New Year’s in Toronto is no exception! Let your guests enjoy the fireworks that are bound to come with Toronto’s New Year’s celebration. Make sure they have easy access to the night sky by hosting outdoors.

Valuable Coverage

While outdoor New Year’s celebrations are a must, you can’t host a successful outdoor party without a tent, especially at the end of the year. Why does tent coverage matter so much? There are a lot of reasons.

  1. The weather doesn’t care what the special occasion is. If you want to protect your guests from rain, snow, and sleet, you need a tent covering them.
  2. Temperature regulation is impossible without an enclosure of some kind. Having a tent set up allows you the illusion of being indoors with the accessibility of being outside. The closed-in area means you can keep guests warm and create a haven for people to retreat to.
  3. Keeping food and beverages in a more temperature regulated space keeps it from going cold. The coverage also prevents an unmitigated swarm of bugs from helping themselves to your refreshments.

Accessories That Matter

While a tent is the most important part of hosting an outdoor New Year’s party, there’s more to hosting a successful event. There are a number of accessories that you can rent along with your tent that truly impact event quality. Here are some accessories that should be at the top of your rental shopping list.

  1. A heater. Varsity Tents has heaters available for those who rent our largest tents. These heaters will keep your guests warm, no matter how snowy and cold it is outside the tent.
  2. Tables and seating are a must have. The long hours spent partying, drinking, and waiting for the New Year’s countdown will get tiring. Rent some of Varsity Tents’ folding chairs and tables to outfit your event.
  3. Lighting is a must have. New Year’s parties are built to run late. Outdoor New Year’s parties are built to run dark. That is, unless you have adequate lighting rentals from Varsity Tents. Ensure your guests can see where they’re going and what they’re doing by renting lights for your tent.

When you’re ready to take the first step in making your outdoor New Year’s party a reality, you’re ready to call Varsity Tents. We love hearing from our clients and helping with rental orders. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to assist in making this New Year’s one to remember.