A Special Thanks to Front Line Workers of 2020

When 2020 started, many of us were hopeful that it would be a good year. We looked at that bold number – 2020 – and expected some positivity to take place. That hope was only spurred on by the excitement that happened in the last “twenties.” We all hoped maybe this year would be the start of something exciting too. Unfortunately, the excitement we got was not at all the type we were looking for. And now, with such a hard year behind us, we have nothing left to do before moving on to 2021 but to thank the front line workers who stuck their necks out to keep us alive. Here’s a little bit about why we, at Varsity Tents, want to thank them.

Worldwide Front Line Workers

First and foremost, we want to extend our gratitude to the front line workers around the world. As a global pandemic, the work and dedication of those, including those outside of Canada, had a worldwide impact on COVID-19. Front line workers came together to bring us the progress we’ve made today in fighting COVID-19, and we simply can’t thank them enough.

The Danger of Being “Essential”

We’ve all heard the terms essential worker and essential employee countless times this year, but what does it mean? There are many who have put very little thought into what it truly means to be “essential.” It’s more than just the daily grind.

Front line workers from all over the world, both in healthcare and in essential businesses, have put themselves in danger to ensure that the rest of us are safe and provided for. Many made the choice to get up and expose themselves to the danger of COVID-19 everyday because they wanted to make a difference. However, there were also those who chose to do so because deciding not to was to lose their job and become one of millions to become unemployed.

No matter the reason – whether solely to make a difference or solely to stay alive – front line workers all mattered. They all put themselves in harm’s way to fulfill a duty that many of us would not have had the drive nor ability to accomplish. For that, we are forever grateful.

The Pain of Being a Front Line Worker

It wasn’t just the fear and the looming threat of COVID-19 that made being “essential” so demanding. It was also the pain of being infected, of working, even while dealing with the loss of loved ones, and of remaining calm in the face of the most stressful event of recent history. Our front line workers strived to keep hospital patients calm. They made scary, executive decisions when there was no time to deliberate during on-the-job emergencies. And, they did it all while being ambushed from every side by panicked questions, disorder, and the lingering stress of every person they served.

What it all comes down to is: we couldn’t have done it without you, front line workers. Thank you for fighting to help us survive to 2021.