In the midst of a blizzard and the cold, blustery winter wind, the Varsity Tents crew sure proved our motto this week: whatever your event, we’ve got you covered.

Varsity pulled into Caledon, Ontario, for a routine post event tear down. The team started the site check and was amazed at what they found: a huge, brown bull hanging out in one of our tents.

He stared us down and dared us to take his new warm comfortable tent away from him.

Varsity quickly called a wrangler – someone who had experience with the safe treatment and control of big animals and he was to remove the bull from our tent and lead him into a small pen area nearby.

But the bull wasn’t having it.

The bull constantly dodged the wrangler’s efforts, running away and shoving the worker into the feeding trough, while bucking his hind legs at him. So – what else could the wrangler do? He asked for the Varsity team to help out so we could all work together and safely herd the bull out of the tent.

Despite a couple of scary moments, after about two hours, the bull relented and ran to the closed doorway of the pen where one of our brave Varsity crew members jumped in and safely pinned the animal with a retractable wall.

Every time the animal tried to back out, Varsity was instructed by the wrangler to lightly twist the bull’s tail, which would force him to move forward and finally into a separate space. It was in no time at all that the bull began to walk away – but not before one last rush that forced the Varsity crew member to superman leap out of the pen to safety. Once the bull was safely in his pen, Varsity took down the tent and headed back to the shop – a little tired, but with one heck of a story!