Preparing for a special event can be very hard work, especially when it comes to coordinating the efforts of different rental suppliers and making sure that you have thought of every single factor that might play a part in deciding the success or otherwise of your big day. If you are currently planning an important function, make sure you consider the 5 factors relating to special event rentals that we have outlined in the section below: each one is important but can easily be forgotten in the frenetic build up to a big event.

5 Factors You Must Remember When Organizing Special Event Rentals

To ensure that your event is remembered for all the right reasons, be sure to consider the following factors during the planning stage:

  1. Some Suppliers Offer Special Deals for Longer Rental Periods – If you are planning to hold more than one event, or perhaps planning a series of events that will be held at the same venue, it is worth looking for a company that is prepared to offer a discount on long-term rental for tents, catering equipment, glassware etcetera. If you are able to use the same equipment for a number of events, you could save a significant sum of money by dealing with suppliers that take a flexible approach to rental prices.
  2. Some Suppliers Offer Package Deals – You may not be aware that it is possible to find companies that rent out complete packages for corporate and private functions. If you can find a reputable firm that is able to provide you with all the cutlery, crockery, tents, tables, chairs and decorations for your forthcoming event, you will not have to coordinate the efforts of multiple suppliers.
  3. Experience Is Always Important – You might think that one rental supplier is very much like another and whether or not they have rented out equipment for an event like yours before is not really relevant but you would be wrong. Even if you are only looking for ordinary tents, standard audio equipment and run-of-the-mill catering supplies, dealing with a company that has experience of special event rentals for your particular type of event will make the task of planning everything that much easier than it would otherwise be.
  4. Location Matters – While some rental companies may offer a nationwide service, it is almost always better to deal with a company with local knowledge and experience, i.e. one that is based fairly near to where your event is to be held. If you are in Toronto, a company that is either in the city itself or somewhere in the GTA will be your best option.
  5. Garbage Cans Are a Necessity – Perhaps not the most glamorous of items to be considering but unless you want your event venue to resemble a tip, you will need a decent supply of garbage cans spread over the area.

If you need any advice on special event rentals or you would like to request a quotation, please call or email us at your convenience.