event management in TorontoWhether it’s a good event you’ll never forget or a bad event you remember for the wrong reasons, you can count on there having been an event manager working his socks off just to get the thing to go ahead. However, hard work doesn’t always mean your event will be a success, so here’s how to be more efficient when it comes to event management in Toronto.

Event management in Toronto – 5 Tips for Efficiency and Success

  1. The Early Bird Catches the First Worm

From the moment you even begin to think about throwing an event – whether it’s a party, a festival or a wedding – you should be planning for it. How many people? Where? Is there a theme? Is it catered? By asking these questions from the get-go and making all the necessary phone calls way in advance, you can prevent any headaches or problems from occurring down the line by having everything ready to go. Don’t run the risk of a sound system being fully booked or the caterers not able to prepare with just a week’s notice – get it booked in months in advance, so you’ll have time to react to any hitches.

  1. Delegate

A good event has too many things for one person to consider – plates, music, food, tents, floors, tables, invites…you get the picture. For efficient event management in Toronto, rather than look to do it all yourself, delegate or spread out the workload to other people involved. That way, you can keep track on what you’ve done already and what there is still to do more easily, and you won’t be super stressed either.

  1. Note All Your Interactions and Quotes

With event management in Toronto, the likelihood is that you’re going to be on the phone or online a lot, sourcing the best possible deals for the party and finding out all the little details. Make sure you write it all down. Nobody can possibly remember every little detail, and don’t waste time calling the same company twice to ask the same thing because you forgot.

  1. Send the Invites Early

This works for two reasons – not only can you see how many people you’re planning for, it’s also one less thing to worry about as D-Day draws nearer. Nobody wants to host an event where they think only 50 people are coming, only to find it it’s more like 100 when the RSVPs come back days before it starts.

  1. Follow a Guide Online

Whether you’re a seasoned event manager or a complete novice, it’s always going to be hard to plan what exactly you need, how many forks you need, how big the tent should be etc. That’s why you should look to the web for inspiration. Whilst not perfect, it can give you a starting point from where you can work, saving you days in planning. Now that’s efficiency.

And Breathe!

We’re not going to lie to you – it’s a stressful line of work but it’s so rewarding when you see people having the time of their lives. Follow the steps to make it easier in the first place, and all you’ll have to worry about is finding the right outfit to wear.