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When event season comes around it can be a pretty busy time for the partygoer – but it’s much more busy and stressful for the event planners themselves. Much of the stress comes way before the first guest even arrives, as choosing a special event rental company can be nearly impossible in such a saturated market. Here’s what to look at for when it comes to picking one.

4 Red Flags for Special Event Rentals

  1. A Reluctance to Let You Speak to their Past Clients

Throwing a party or an event should be a special occasion. More often than not they’re done to celebrate something or someone, and you want an event that’s just as special as the reason for having it. Therefore, it’s only natural to want to know that the company you choose can handle such an event well, and to want to speak to their previous clients. A good company will be proud of their record and more than happy to put you in touch. However, alarm bells should be ringing if they refuse. Why not? What are they trying to hide? Approach such a company with caution.

  1. No Definitive Price List, or Reluctant to Give a Quote

There’s no denying that throwing an event is a costly move, with good parties tending to cost thousands of dollars. With that in mind, it’s natural to want to budget and know how much you’re spending so you can plan appropriately. Many special event rental companies will be transparent with their pricing strategy, whereas others might be a little more cagey or reluctant to give you a quote. It’s important to find out the figures as early as possible so you can prepare for it and to make sure you’re not getting overcharged. Make sure to pick a company with a transparent pricing policy, to not only save yourself time but to prevent any nasty shocks or hassle.

  1. No Experience

All businesses have to start somewhere, and for some events picking a smaller, new company to organize it might be fine. But when it comes to throwing a medium to large size event, make sure you pick a company with sufficient experience. No company will turn down your approach if you’ve got a large event planned, yet some simply might not be up to the job – which could turn your event into a nightmare.

  1. Not Listening and Constant Upselling

Make sure you pick a company that takes note of what you’re saying and probes further, rather than trying to upsell at every opportunity. They’ll genuinely have your interests at heart and will care about your event being a smash, not just profit for them.

Save Yourself the Stress

You’re never going to be completely stress free when it comes to organizing an event but if you follow the steps above, you can take some weight off your shoulders, knowing your event is in good hands with a company you thoroughly vetted beforehand.