4 Activities For Keeping Event Guests EntertainedWhen hosting an event like a party or shower, it’s good to have activities planned. Sometimes a party can carry itself on socialization, but if the momentum slows too early, it’s good to be prepared. Using activities as a fallback plan will leave you less stressed about people getting bored. What are some good activities you can use to keep your guests entertained? Let’s look at five of them!

Scavenger Hunt

We’ve all heard of a good ol’ scavenger hunt. But what kind of hunt do you put on that’s worthy of a big event? Kids might take a while for easy riddles and they’re easy to please, but what about adults? Many won’t want to bother with a scavenger hunt for just anything.

Make it a group activity. Have people get in teams depending on how many winners you want to give prizes to. Make sure each hint location has enough hint cards to accommodate the number of guests you have. And most importantly, make the prize something worth an adult’s time and precious energy! Announce it beforehand so that they know what they’re working toward. A giftcard to a nice restaurant or store is always a hit.


Karaoke is a classic party activity. It’s not appropriate for every event, but for those where it is, it’s a show winner. One of the reasons karaoke is so successful is because it’s voluntary. Anyone who wants to give it a go is welcome to and those who don’t can stay far away from the mic! Anyone not willing to get on stage and sing their heart out will almost definitely have a great time watching those who are. It’s a good time for laughing and having fun, taking us back to old hits we learned the lyrics to so many years ago. Bonus points if your party has an open bar.

Group Dancing

If you’ve got music at your event and the enthusiasm for dancing has taken a nosedive, it’s time to employ a group dance! Nothing brings back people’s zest for dancing like following along with a bunch of their family or friends. Seeing something like a square dance can even be enough to drag those shy people out onto the dance floor. It’s easy to know what to do when everyone else is doing the same thing and it gives the whole group a bonding experience.

Spice Guessing

Some of the more involved activities aren’t great for those with low energy or who are too shy to put themselves in the spotlight. Playing a spice guessing game is good fun without as much excitement. Print out a bunch of papers with an empty, numbered list on them. Remove or cover the labels on a bunch of seasoning or spice jars, then label them with as many numbers as needed. Anyone who wants to participate can smell each spice and write down on their list what they think it is. They can write their name on it and turn it in at a box near the table and when the party is over, the person who guessed the most right will be announced as the winner and win a prize!