We’ve definitely had a fantastic Canadian winter with lots of snow, ice and of course, some fantastic events!

One thing I’ve always heard is that a year of snow means a year of plenty: a great white winter not only provides us with a beautiful landscape and lots of activities, it also prolongs the blossoming of fruit trees. Otherwise the intense frost in the mornings would lessen the amount of fruit produced by the trees throughout the season. A grand winter also protects wheat and winter grains from the deadly rotation of freezing and thawing.


Bosc pear tree and Ontario fig tree photos © Pietro Caira

So what does that mean for you?

Well, as we bid farewell to the raging winter of 2010, or “snowmaggeddon” as many of our friends in the event business called it, we look forward to the budding trees and beautiful sunshine that spring will bring. Spring is always a great time for getting out with our families to the wonderful events that the GTA has to offer.

Cheers to being Canadian and enjoying all four wonderful seasons!

The Weather Professor Toronto