Prepare for Local Events by Renting Tents

Prepare for Local Events by Renting Tents

Local Events drive tourism into each of the communities within Toronto. They leave a great impact to these targeted zones by sending traffic to not only the event but to the restaurants and surrounding businesses in the area. If you’re planning on producing or participating in a local event this summer, here are a few tenting initiatives you will want to consider.

Safe from Sun

As summer approaches, things are beginning to heat up. With a day of excitement and activity outdoors, planning ahead for the heat is vital. After all, you want your attendees to stay safe from overheating and dehydration. An outdoor tent is the perfect reprieve from a hot sun. Give your guests some shade where they can gain back their energy after enjoying themselves.

Varsity Tents aren’t just a shady covering. We also have air conditioners available to rent for our large tents. These are incredibly valuable this time of year. Keeping guests cool will lower the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Our white tents are not only great at deflecting heat from the sun, they also make a great blank canvas. Hanging bright and colorful decorations inside and outside the tent will liven up your event. Stringing up flags, ribbons, or balloons will draw attention to your booth.

Merch Tables

If your event makes room for independent artists to sell their merchandise, tables are your best friend. Help all of your attendees get outfitted for the occasion by supporting independent artists.

Varsity Tents has both rectangular and round tables. Rectangular tables are great for displaying goods like pins and T-shirts.

Food Vendors

Vendors are instrumental at any large event. After all, who’s going to keep a huge crowd from going hungry throughout the day if not them? Providing tables and chairs, both for displaying packaged treats and for guests to eat at, is important.


Entertainment during local events is a wonderful way to celebrate. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that we offer the equipment you need. From staging to lighting and from speakers to audio equipment, we’ve got it all. Give your guests a dance floor, book some local artists, and watch the night come alive

Music has a history of being an outlet for minorities. When persecution keeps people silent, music has always been a way to stay true to oneself. Let this rich tradition flourish at your event. What better way is there to relate and celebrate your pride than dancing together and uniting under music that’s brought us together for generations?

Varsity Tents is eager to help you make your local event a success this year and the next. Give us a call or email us if you have questions or would like to book a rental.

Use Varsity Tents for Coverage During a Concert

Use Varsity Tents for Coverage During a Concert

If you’re planning to organize a concert outdoors, you may think you’ve thought of everything. But, have you thought about renting a tent or two to provide coverage? Take a moment out of your planning to see why it’s worth consideration.

Seasonal Protection

The problem with holding a concert outdoors is that half of the year it’s hot outside and the other half it’s cold and wet. Tents provide safety from both.

Summer concerts are popular for a reason. School is out, the weather is beautiful for traveling, and you don’t have rain getting in the way. However, heat is insidious and can leave concert attendees dehydrated and suffering heat exhaustion. Providing cover gives concert goers a place to sit or stand in the shade. Varsity Tents also has air conditioning available for our large tent rentals.

Spring and Autumn bring with them cold, rain, and snow. During these times of the year, tents provide a dry place for attendees to keep warm. Varsity Tents has heaters available for rent with our tents. This way, tents can be kept nice and warm, allowing people to enjoy live music no matter the weather.

Merch Tents

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to have merchandise protected by cover. Some of our smaller tents as well as tables and chairs are perfect provisions for vendors. Give attendees a shaded and dry place to check out band T-shirts, buttons, jewellery, and more.

The vendors will appreciate the coverage as well. Having some of our folding chairs to rest on during slow times will be priceless.

Set Up Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where you plan to hold your concert, we’ve got just what you need.

  • Water ballasts will weigh down a tent on any surface. They act as dead weight when you’ve got your tent somewhere it can’t be staked down – like asphalt.
  • Lighting will keep things accessible and easy to see no matter how late your concert lasts. Party into the night without our rentals lighting the way.
  • Fencing keeps things private. Even if you’ve got your concert set up in a public park you’ve rented out, fencing ensures no free attendance.

Entertainment Accessories

If you want to make things easier on yourself, you can order your rentals all from the same place. Varsity Tents offers staging, speakers, audio equipment, and generators as well. Everything you need is all in one place.

Meet and Greet

Smaller tents are great places to host meet and greets with band members. They give you the privacy you need outside of the main tent, allowing you a moment of quiet without other fans interrupting. Say hello and get autographs that you’ll hold dear for years to come.

We offer a selection of furniture rentals as well. Give band members and their guests a comfortable place to sit while they catch up after the show. After all, this isn’t the kind of thing you want to rush.

How to Host an Outdoor Auction

How to Host an Outdoor Auction

Auctions are a fantastic way to bring a community or private gathering together. From estate sales to charity auctions, there are many ways these events can come about. No matter your inspiration, it’s worth considering hosting your auction outdoors.

How do you hold an auction outdoors? After all, there will be a number of items for sale and they can’t just sit in the grass all day. In summer, sitting out in the heat isn’t good for certain things either. So what’s the solution? Holding your outdoor auction in a tent!

Why Outdoors?

Having an outdoor auction has many benefits over an indoor one. For one thing, indoor venues big enough to hold an auction are often pricey. Renting a large tent is less expensive and if you run out of room, opening the side walls will allow for overflow.

Accommodating the Auction

With an auction comes some unique needs. You’ll need somewhere for the auctioneer to stand and collect bids. You’ll also need seating and somewhere to store the sale items.

With the accessories offered by Varsity Tents, you’ll have no trouble meeting these needs. Renting the following should do the trick:

  • Staging will give your auctioneer somewhere to stand where the crowd of bidders will be visible. It will also provide somewhere sale items can be displayed where they’re visible to bidders.
  • Air conditioners will be invaluable during this kind of event. No matter if it’s an indoor event or a tent, it will get hot. Having a lot of people gathered in one place, especially in summer, will call for some cool air. Varsity Tents offers air conditioning units that will adequately cool down the inside of your large tent rental.
  • Multiple tent sizes also prove valuable. While you’ll probably want something rather large for the auction itself, renting a smaller tent to set up at the side of the main tent will prove to be a great holding room for sale items. This will make it easy to keep things in order and sale items can be kept under a watchful eye. This will also keep the sun off your sale items, which is important if any of them are antique or susceptible to heat damage.
  • Tables are the next thing that you’ll find useful. Not only will a table be useful for displaying smaller sale items being auctioned off, they’ll also prove invaluable in the holding room. Not everything for sale will be okay to sit on the ground. If your holding room has flooring, some items may still be too small to justify putting on the floor. We offer a selection of round and rectangular tables that should suit your needs.

Accommodating the Guests

After ensuring your auction staff and sale items are protected and making sure your setup is functional, next are the guests. During an auction, it’s a good idea to provide seating. Whether this is seating for everyone invited or just enough to provide for elderly and disabled guests, is an individual choice. Either way, we recommend providing at least a small amount of seating to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Prepare for Summer Sporting Events

Prepare for Summer Sporting Events

With summer comes several sporting events. From professional to little league, there are a lot of reasons to gather outside. This is especially true when the endgames come up and warrant a celebration.

But with outdoor celebrations, summer heat can be hard to overcome. Varsity Tents would love to assist with our many rental options. We don’t just have tents; we offer a number of accessories that would help to make your event a success. Read on to see how you can benefit from a rental order.

Beating the Heat

Summer heat is one of the biggest things to overcome when holding an event outdoors during the hot months. The first step in keeping the heat away is providing shade. Renting a tent or two to provide cover for attendees will assist in keeping them cool. Not only will it provide a cooler area to socialize, it will also keep people from getting sunburned or developing heat exhaustion.

While cover is great by itself, having air conditioning goes the extra mile. Varsity Tents offers outdoor air conditioners to go with our large rental tents. This will make your event even more enjoyable for all attending. Guests will be able to enjoy celebratory food, socializing, and watching the game from a nice, cool, tent.

Hosting with Food

With sports comes food. After all, what’s better than gathering with family or friends to watch a sporting event and sharing it all over tasty appetizers? Not to mention, during championships, cake may be in order. Having a tent with AC will go a long way toward keeping food from melting or going bad while the day wears on.

Of course, if you’re going to have food, you’ll need more than just a tent. It will be a relief to hear that we also offer tables. From long, rectangular, serving tables to circular dining tables, we’ve got you covered.


With everyone gathered outdoors, there’s bound to be a need for seating. Of course, many will bring lawn chairs or blankets. However, you can save them the hassle and ensure everyone has seating by getting rentals. Varsity Tents offers basic folding chairs that will be perfect for sporting events. You can line them up within view of the game and move them to tables during the afterparty.


If you’re hosting an event somewhere within view of passersby, it’s always good to have a barrier. It’s all too easy for strangers to invite themselves to free food with nothing in their way. Renting some fencing for a big, outdoor event will keep people from invading your private party.

Varsity Tents Has Everything You Need for an Outdoor Potluck

Varsity Tents Has Everything You Need for an Outdoor Potluck

Everyone loves a good potluck! You can’t beat getting together with family, friends, coworkers, or group members to share homemade food. However, there is a right way to do it. Varsity Tents has everything you need to organize a fantastic potluck. What are the elements to the perfect get-together?


First and foremost, you’re going to need tables, and lots of them! Let’s start with those long, rectangular ones to hold the extensive collection of food being served. After all, if everyone’s bringing something with them to share, you’ll need ample room to hold it all. What are you going to do if there’s not enough table space for all of the food?

Luckily, Varsity Tents has plenty of long tables so you won’t have to figure out the answer to that question.

The tables you serve food at are important, but what about after it’s served? We’ve got just the thing! Our collection of tables isn’t limited to only rectangular ones. We’ve also got round tables for eating and socializing. A round table is the perfect feature. Guests can sit comfortably to eat and everyone will be able to see each other. Conversation will carry easily with everyone the same distance apart. No need to worry about getting left out while sitting at the end.


With tables come seating! Varsity Tents has plenty of folding chairs so that no one will be left standing! You can even rent our couches and armchairs to ensure maximum comfort away from the tables.

Protection from the Elements

The best time for potlucks is in the spring and summer, but that hot, summer sun is only pleasant when you aren’t burning and your food isn’t melting. Renting a tent will give guests at your event a nice, comfortable block of shade out of the heat. Not only is a tent the perfect solution for unforgiving sunlight, they also prove invaluable against rain.

No matter the temperature, you can regulate things with an air conditioner or heater. Tents can be kept a comfortable environment with the help of Varsity Tent’s accessories.


Don’t forget to rent some lighting. After all, when you’re having a great time catching up with family or colleagues, it’s easy to forget the time. Don’t let nightfall ruin your vibe. Because our lighting options are flexible, you can keep any party alive as late as you’d like.

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