Considerations When Comparing Festival Tent Rental Options

Festival Tent Rental The long, beautiful lines of the festival tent have been welcoming festival goers since medieval times. They are a very real type of cultural signifier, almost iconic in their recognizability. At Varsity Tents we provide airy, strong festival tents for a variety of purposes including charity road races, street festivals, corporate celebrations, university graduations, family reunions, holiday festivals and much, much more. But what are the things you need to keep in mind when deciding exactly which festival tent options are appropriate for your event? In this post we’ll touch on some of them.

Important Festival Tent Rental Considerations

Remember to keep the following considerations right up front when determining which type of festival tent rental and which options will be right for your big occasion:

  • Visitors – You’ll want to have a good idea of how many visitors are expected, their age and any special considerations that may apply.
  • Vendors – Will there be vendors on the premises? Will there be vendors inside the tent itself? You’ll need to make sure there’s ample room under the tent to accommodate them and that you’ve thought out the traffic patterns around them.
  • What about catering? – Will there be open flames inside the tent or in close proximity? If so you’ll need to make sure you have appropriate fire mitigation apparatus on hand and people who are properly trained in its use.
  • Size of the location – You may conclude that you need a really large festival tent but the location may make that impossible. In that case you may need to consider renting a number of our smaller tents to fulfil your needs.
  • Weather – The time of year will go a long way toward determining what type of weather conditions you’ll face. Different conditions – rain, snow, high winds etc – call for different configurations and perhaps extra special care in anchoring the tent.

Vendor Tents

If you are a festival vendor and you won’t be in the main tent but still want protection for yourself and your customers you may want to consider a frame tent. Frame tents can typically fit into areas where pole tents cannot and provide a single open area in the middle unencumbered by tent poles. Frame tents are usually easier to anchor on a wider variety of surfaces than pole tents which make them ideal for occupying those areas the main tent had to avoid.

This type of festival tent rental is common for lost and found and ticket/event information as well as being a popular choice for T-shirt vendors, liquid refreshments and other services that don’t require large amounts of real estate but need to be free from natural interference.

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Special Events Rental: Make Sure You Ask these 5 Questions

special events rental If it’s your first time enlisting the services of an events rental company the experience can be a bit daunting. Who, besides industry pros, really knows anything about renting a pole tent and the like if they’ve never done it before? If you said ‘nobody’ you’re right. But, like a lot of things, the secret to working successfully with a rental company is breaking things down into manageable pieces. First and foremost that means knowing what questions to ask. In this post we’re going to look at 5 questions you should have ready to ask the rental company when planning your big event.

Ask These Questions of Your Special Events Rental Company

Don’t go into your big event unprepared. Make sure you ask the following 5 questions of your events rental company. They’ll help you get a hold of things and ensure a successful outcome.

  1. How much time is required for setup and takedown? – Unless your event is occurring on your own property, then there will likely be rules in place stating when vendors can access the grounds and when they have to be out at the end of the event. As such you’ll need to make sure your start and end times allow for the special events rental company to get in and out.
  1. How much of a deposit do you require? – This question should be one of the first you ask because if they’re asking too much you’ll need to move on quickly and find someone else. Different companies have different requirements. You may really want to work with a certain company but their deposit requirements may make it impossible.
  1. Do you own the items you rent? – This is one not many people think to ask. A company that owns all of its own equipment will have total control over the maintenance of that equipment and you’re likely to get a higher quality product. Also, companies that don’t own the equipment typically need to mark things up higher to cover the 3rd party costs.
  1. Do you charge a distance premium? – Some companies charge extra if they have to drive more than X distance from their headquarters. Others don’t or may be located closer to your planned event so distance won’t be a factor. Ask them if they apply a distance premium so you’re not surprised when you get your bill.
  1. Do they offer an off-season discount? – If the date of your event isn’t set in stone and the special events rental company offers an off season discount it may be in your interest to delay things to take advantage. If your event is already scheduled for what is considered an off-season date you’ll also want to know about any discounts.

Take control of your event planning with the above questions. The answers you get will help set your event on a path toward a successful outcome and help reduce your stress level by several degrees of magnitude. Call Varsity tents on (416) 410-7370 to find out more about special events rental equipment in the GTA.

Mobile Power Washing: The Benefits Over Alternatives

While the quality of the products and services a company offers is important there is more to an image and reputation than that. If a company does great work but operates out of a run-down looking building it scares off more customers than it attracts. That’s because when companies let their building or the surrounding hardscape elements succumb to the environment they’re sending a signal to prospective clients that they don’t care. As such while it may seem that enlisting the services of a mobile power washing company is unnecessary, it is in fact anything but.

Reasons to Invest in Mobile Power Washing Toronto

Mobile power washing in Toronto is not only a cost-effective way to keep an operation looking great it’s also completely safe for every component of the premises. Here are several ways power washing can help save and make money for a company.

  • It boosts your company’s public profile – We’ve done it and, at some point, most other people have as well. You search for a company to provide a needed product and when you finally find them their building looks rundown and dingy. You think for a minute then turn around and try someone else because you really can’t trust a company that let’s itself go like that. Power washing allows a business to always put their best foot forward.
  • It makes a property safer – Slips, trips and falls are the most common causes of both injury and lawsuits. If walkways, stairways and parking lots are covered in dirt and debris the chance of someone slipping, tripping and/or falling increase exponentially. Mobile power washing can remove potential sources of injury.
  • It makes your property healthier – When a worker calls in sick they may be sick because of the mold and other allergens clinging to the building and growing on the surrounding walkways. During the spring in particular it’s crucial to keep the property free of pollen, mold spores and other allergens and irritants. Power washing can do that.
  • It leaves no doubt that your premises is clean – Sending a maintenance guy out to clean the building means there’s a good chance they’ll miss things a professional wouldn’t. Armed with our state of the art power washing equipment the team from Varsity Tents carves the grit and grime out of every nook and cranny and always leaves the property sparkling.

The Bottom Line

Treating your property to Varsity’s mobile power washing Toronto will help you retain existing customers and attract plenty of new ones. It will make your building and the surrounding environment safer and healthier for everyone who works and visits there and it will leave your premises squeaky clean and ready for business. The alternatives – letting the property go or trusting the cleaning process to the untrained – are not alternatives that will yield anything good. Invest in your property and in the future of your business by enlisting the services of Varsity Tents mobile power washing Toronto. It may be the best business decision you make this year.

Tent Rentals for SCENE Music Festival

SCENE Music FestivalSaturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th 2014 marked the 19th year of SCENE Music Festival and the largest one yet! The relocation of the main stage to Montebello Park was a huge hit and added to the overall experience for all festival goers, allowing more space to move around creating a better all-ages atmosphere than previous years.

SCENE Music Festival Beer Tents


Over 10,000 ecstatic fans, vendors, and artists filled the park and downtown venues for the two day festival to enjoy the sunshine and great talent from all over. Some of the SCENE Festival fans that have been going for years had their concerns about the switch to a big stage and the mainstream line up, but when the weekend came to an end all fans were pleased with the changes as the different venues were still able to cater to what the old SCENE Music Festival spirit had always been about.


Day 1 the Main Stage at Montebello Park featured a great lineup including bands such as Boy & Bear, Current Swell, Monster Truck, The Sheepdogs and Matthew Good. The weather held up beautifully and we were happy to provide tents allowing attendees a shaded area to go to beat the heat.














On Day 2 of the festival the weather didn’t hold up as nicely as it did on Saturday but that didn’t stop the artists from performing. The Main Stage featured some of the more mainstream artist including Shad, Lights, Arkells and Mariana’s Trench. Although the headlining artists were still able to perform, a small break was taking into place for safety and technical reasons; we are once again pleased to be there to provide tents to help keep the attendees covered until the rain blew over.

Lights -SCENE Music Festival photo by Boathouse

Lights: photo by Boathouse


We are thrilled to be a part of such an amazing festival, and cannot wait to see you all there next year for SCENE Music Festival!

Are you planning an event or festival that you require tents or event rentals? Contact us today for a FREE Estimate!

– Natalya Wittenberg, Special Events Intern, Varsity Tent & Event Rentals and Varsity Event Management

Top 10 Items to Bring to an Outdoor Festival

Festival Coppertone Sunscreen


Sunscreen – Whether it’s 30 degrees out and sun is shining or the clouds are hovered and the wind is blowing you still need to take the same steps to protect yourself from a skin damaging sun burn. Getting sun burnt has short term effects from not being able to continue the festival in enjoyment due to pain as well as long term effects such as skin cancer that could change your life forever. Remember to protect yourself for now and for the future!




Festival Hat

Hat – You can’t always count on sunscreen to provide 100% protection from the sun, wearing a hat to an outdoor festival can improve your protection against heat stroke or any other sun related issues so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Festival Water Bottle

Water Bottle – Stay hydrated! Being in the sun all day or just keeping busy it is important to keep your body refreshed. Nothing is worse than having to leave before you see your favourite artist perform because you’re fatigued. Don’t forget to look around the festival grounds for water replenish stations to save on money!

Festival Camera

Camera – Whether you want to remember a good time with friends or you want to remember seeing one of your idols perform, bring a camera to the festival to ensure you capture it all so you will have memories forever!




Festival Blanket and Chair


Blanket/Chair – Being outside all day can get exhausting especially standing on your feet! Bringing a blanket or chair is a great way to give your body a rest while enjoying the festivities that are taking place!



Festival Backpack



Backpack – A backpack is something great to bring to any outdoor festival. You can keep your valuables all in one place without having to worry about anything falling out of your pockets or getting stolen out of your purse. Backpacks provide a secure zipper to ensure all of your belongings stay together and the double strap makes it easier on your back by keeping the weight balanced throughout the day!




Festival Poncho


Rain Gear – It’s always a smart idea to bring back-up rain gear in case the weather decides to take a turn for the worse! A poncho or rain coat is always great to have when attending an outdoor festival to keep yourself dry for the day and keep your electronics safe!




Festival Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizer – Being at a festival with hundreds to thousands of people germs is something you can’t avoid! As we all know, porta potties are not the cleanest place in the world so it’s always a safe idea to bring an extra hand sanitizer just in case they run





Festival Cash Debit IDID, Cash & Debit – It’s a great idea to bring both cash and debit, you don’t want to come with too much cash in case you lose it but you also don’t want to rely on debit in case there is no ATM on site, or if the vendors don’t accept it. Bringing ID such as a health card is also smart to have on you in case you run into any health emergencies or driver’s licence for if you are of age and want to take part in drinking!



Festival Band-Aid and Tylenol


First Aid Kit– Although at all festivals it is mandatory to have first aid services available in case you injure yourself, the majority of the time they are not able to provide over the counter medication such as Advil or Tylenol. To be on the safe side pack a small first aid kit with the essential medications while also including band-aids as they never hurt to have on you for an extra convenience!





– Natalya Wittenberg, Special Events Intern, Varsity Tent & Event Rentals and Varsity Event Management

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